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Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Mechanical)
Office Address  4/F & 5/F, 46 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Fax  2757-3940
Email  pame@vtc.edu.hk
Opening Hours  08:30 - 17:30 (Mon - Fri)
09:00 - 12:00 (Sat)
Closed (Sun & PH)
Full Name Post / Function Telephone / Mobile / Pager Fax Email Select All
Mr WAN Siu ChungManager-In-Charge2751-5840  2757-3940scwanga@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LO Wing YiuPrincipal Instructor2751-5850  2756-4475wylo@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHAN Kim Chung, PhilipSenior Instructor3552-9565  2756-4475philipchan@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHAN Kin SunSenior Instructor3552-9560  2756-4475mekschan@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LEE Chi KongSenior Instructor3552-9564  2756-4475cklee@vtc.edu.hk
Mr MOK Chung KinSenior Instructor2751-5879  2756-4475ckmok@vtc.edu.hk
Mr WONG Yick CheungSenior Instructor2751-5889  2756-4475wongyc@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHOW King Hon Instructor ( Assist Placement / Publicity)2751-5833  2758-4035ckhray@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHAN Wing KeungInstructor3552-9563  2756-4475cwk3@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHAN Wing MingInstructor2751-5849  2756-4475wmchan@vtc.edu.hk
Mr FONG Ming TatInstructor2751-5846  2756-4475marcusfongmt@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LAI Cheuk BiuInstructor3552-9561  2756-4475cblai@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LAI Cheuk MinInstructor3552-9568  2756-4475cmlai@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LIU Chung ManInstructor3552-9573  2756-4475rayales@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LIU Kam ShingInstructor3552-9567  2756-4475ksliu@vtc.edu.hk
Mr MAK Kwok KwanInstructor2751-5876  2756-4475kkmak@vtc.edu.hk
Mr TANG Ping FatInstructor2751-5848  2756-4475tangtang@vtc.edu.hk
Mr WONG Wai YinInstructor3552-9575  2758-4035samwywong@vtc.edu.hk
Mr KWAN Sai NamWorkshop Instructor II2751-5845  2756-4475sankwan@vtc.edu.hk
Mr CHOI Chi Chung, JoeTechnical Assistant3552-9575  2758-4035joechoi@vtc.edu.hk
Mr YIU Wai Kin, SamuelTechnical Assistant3552-9575  2758-4035yiu_8809@vtc.edu.hk
Miss CHAN Suk ManClerical Officer II3552-9569  2757-3940pikachu@vtc.edu.hk
Ms CHEUNG Hon Tai, CarrieClerical Officer II2751-5897  2757-3940carrieht@vtc.edu.hk
Miss CHU Yim SauClerical Assistant3552-9572  2757-3940saukeu@vtc.edu.hk
Miss WONG Shuk FongSupplies Assistant3552-9571  2757-3940sfwong@vtc.edu.hk
Mr LEE Lam HingMaintenance Mechanic II 2751-5834  2757-3940lhlee@vtc.edu.hk
  1. For those who are dialing from places outside Hong Kong, please dial the area code '852' before the telephone number.